I am Susan Searle, the Chairman of the Ayr and District Branch of Save the Children for two years from March 2017 until August 2019.

This is an exciting time in our Branch as we fundraiser to help children here and abroad to have a healthy start in life and achieve their potential. For every pound we raise 89 pence is used in projects to help children. If it is gift aided then an additional 25p is added.

Save the Children tries to be there in times of crisis be it war, famine, flood, epidemic or other disasters. The money we raise also goes towards long term projects e.g. Building maternity hospitals in places such as Myanmar, supplying radios to children so they can continue their education in places like Sierra Leone after the Ebola epidemic and buying and outfitting a ship to rescue refugees adrift on the Mediterranean. In this country we supply much needed household items to families struggling to cope. We also run projects to encourage families to develop ways to help children who may be struggling at school to catch up with their peers.

The new initiative from Save the Children is to provide vaccine to prevent pneumonia in the under 5s. This is now the biggest killer of young children since we have been successful in reducing deaths from other illnesses e.g. Malaria.

Susan Searle

Chairman, Ayr & District Branch